The good old days? Allianz discovers women

In around 1900, women start fighting for the right to vote, the right to an education and gradually start to move into male-dominated areas of life. Up until this time, it is the pen and ink of male "officials" that dominate everyday working life in insurance offices. Now, the first insurance companies start to employ women, too. Stuttgarter Verein, which merges with Allianz in the 1920s, is already ahead of the game. In 1900, the company employs around 200 women in its "young ladies' department" out of a total workforce of around 600.

Early traces of women. Klara Buchholz on the 1908 personnel and salary list of Aachen-Leipziger, an Allianz subsidiary.

World War One changes the traditional role of women in society almost overnight. All of a sudden, women are holding the fort in positions previously considered unsuitable or unattainable for them. Allianz recruits its first female employee in 1914. The Allianz employees drafted for war service – out of a total of 792 employees, 667 are sent, bit by bit, to fight on the front line – cannot be replaced only by men. The new female Allianz employees are now working side-by-side with their male counterparts in the company's specialist departments.

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