A time of change – Women modernize Allianz

The end of World War One signals the start of a new era in many European countries: monarchies disappear, borders are redefined, democratic constitutions come into force and women in Germany, Austria, Poland, the Netherlands and the Baltic States are given the
right to vote. Although men continue to rule the roost at Allianz, women start to play more of a role: as employees, as customers, as a target group for advertising. 

AEG advertising postcard featuring the French actress Edmonde Guy. The postcard, bearing the motto ”A lady but a housewife at the same time”, shows the glamorous lady using AEG‘s latest vacuum cleaner. (1925, DHM, Berlin)

Women at Allianz work as secretaries, administrators, lab assistants, telephone operators, keypunching clerks, stenotypists, as well as in the company's canteens and convalescence homes. The Nazi ideology restricted the role of women to that of mothers, wives and homemakers. After the outbreak of World War Two, however, more and more women step in to replace men who have been sent off to fight. There were times when two thirds of all nonsales positions at Allianz's branches were held by women.

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