New-found freedom – Women demand new opportunities

The debate surrounding women's rights takes on a whole new dynamic and starts to receive a resounding response from the 1970s onwards. Women's conferences are organized, the "Year of the Woman" is declared and laws are passed to improve the situation for working women. Role models ranging from Margaret Thatcher to Alice Schwarzer widen the general perspective. A number of women at Allianz now start to reach top positions in the HR department or the Works Council.

Advertisement for a holiday prize for successful agents and part-time agents: a growing number of women are now working part-time for Allianz‘s sales force. (1971)

In 1987, Allianz's employee magazine contains a feature on four female agents. The article's title is "The female agent – an almost unknown species at Allianz". For a period of 100 years, Allianz's full-time sales force was almost exclusively male. This changes abruptly with the takeover of the East German state insurance authority. Many of its female non-sales employees start successful careers as agents in 1990, significantly changing the face of Allianz's sales force.

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