1990 to date: New times – New markets – Old gender roles?

Women are under-represented in government and in the corporate sector. Although the 1980s saw some successes such as part-time working, women's promotion prospects and earning power are still not as high as that of their male counterparts despite comparable levels of education. This has become evident as Allianz has become more international, with mergers highlighting the differences in corporate cultures: in 1960s France, for instance, a significantly higher proportion of women were in work than in Germany, and in former socialist countries 90 percent of women were working full-time.

In 2010, Allianz launched an advertising campaign in Germany aimed specifically at women as customers.

Promoting women has become a key social policy issue. Allianz has since also increased the proportion of women in management positions to 25 percent in Germany and more than 30 percent globally, with a range of programs and also of measures allowing them to combine work and family life better. Women and men should no longer have to choose between a career and children. Allianz has come to recognize that it is beneficial to employ people with a wide variety of abilities and characteristics, in short to promote diversity.

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